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1. Lichens: A partnership for life. (abstract)

2. Lichens: A study in color. (abstract)

3. Lichens at VACRC: Lichen surfaces under the electron microscope. (abstract)

4. Lichens in cross section: Evidence for design and against macroevolution. (abstract)

5. The ultrastructure of lichen cells supports creation, not macroevolution —Part I.

6. The ultrastructure of lichen cells supports creation, not macroevolution —Part II.

7. The saguaro: God’s desert sentry.

8. A new report of unique features in the peristome of [the moss] Fumaria hygrometrica

9. Five features correlate with seed weight in Yucca plants to support a seed-dispersal hypothesis.

10. Design in Diatom Cell Walls

11. Candelilla plants show design and typology

12. Plant survival and the great Flood

13. Horsetail plants support design not evolution

14. Homology analogy in Plants

15. Homology and origins

16. The origin of flowering plants

17. Diatoms magnified

18. Moss magnified

19. Moss magnified

20. Probo magnified

21. Spines magnified

22. The Last Young Earth Creationist

23. Desert Plant Literature Demonstrates God's Creation